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Hi, I’m Kristen… founder and CEO of the Power of Positivity,
a community with more than 50 million followers committed to living their best life.

I love to share the lessons that have helped me grow, and I am blessed to have been featured in countless publications, podcasts, blogs & more. Here are some of them…

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    Kristen Butler, aka Positive Kristen, is the founder and CEO of Power of Positivity. Kristen is passionate about helping people turn negative thoughts and feelings into...

    Kristen Butler | Change Your Mood in 3 Minutes

    Today on the You Can Heal Your Life Podcast, join Hay House Executive Editor Melody Guy as she welcomes author and CEO of Power of...

    Your comfort zone is NOT the danger zone with Power of Positivity CEO Kristen Butler

    Meet Kristen Butler who has a following of 50 million tapping into ther wisdom daily as the CEO of the Power of Postivity.

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