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I wake up each day blessed and honored by the work I do. I’m always learning, and I always feel inspired to create new things that will help both me and others grow.

On this page, I share these various Offerings with you.

From books to journals, live events, and practical courses… I keep this page updated with the different ways you can work with me and get access to my latest ideas and creations.

TheKey to Positivity

What would it take for you to really love your life? To feel genuinely happy, positive, and fulfilled? The answer may be simpler than you think.

Your comfort zone is not a static place where nothing grows. In fact, your growth depends on how fully you thrive in it. And The Key to Positivity unlocks the door to this inner sanctuary. 

Kristen gives you practical and research-based tools to help inspiration meet ease, creativity flow effortlessly, growth happen naturally, and positive emotions run freely. She leads you back to what’s comfortable and natural for you to create a life you love with less stress and more flow. It’s time to claim your best life now!

The 3 Minute

Positivity Journal

Boost Your Mood & Change Your Life in Just 3 Minutes each journal entry

100,000+ people around the world use our journal each morning and evening to gain clarity, reignite purpose, and remain committed to living their best life. No matter what goes on around you, this journal will soon be your calming constant, grounding you each day with mood-boosting, goal-juicing, habit-forming prompts, challenges, and routines.

The 3 Minute Happiness Journal

#1 New Release

Create Happy Habits. Change Your Brain. Transform Your Life.

The follow-up to the hugely popular 3 Minute Positivity Journal, an all-new journal with more unique prompts, affirmations, and ways to boost your mood and create happy habits in just minutes a day.

Kristen’s gentle yet impassioned guidance helps you tap into that power to boost your mood and change your life, using simple, small, repeated actions – that she calls “happy habits” — to change your life for good. These are the same habits she used to transform her life into the life of her dreams.

This journal starts with a short, practical, and inspiring user’s guide and then moves into quick, yet powerful daily entries—only 3 minutes in the morning and 3 minutes in the evening—to set you up for a more joy-filled life every single day.

3 Minute Positivity Journal Cover
3 Minutes Happiness Journal

And because leading research reveals it takes 66 days to form a lifelong habit, it includes a full 90 days of prompts and exercises, so you can build a solid foundation for your new happiness routine.

You don’t have to spend a decade building an empowering self-care routine through trial and error as Kristen did. With fresh, daily inspiration and done-for-you “check-ins,” all you have to do is show up each day and watch your life transform. Happiness is only a few daily habits away!

The Positivity Course

Introducing our exclusive NEW Course: The Positivity Course A scientifically backed program designed to help you release negativity and reclaim your life.

The key🗝️ to transforming your life quickly is detoxing negativity.

You’re in the right place if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, drained, stressed, or stuck. Maybe you’ve become so used to just dealing with everything because you feel like you’ve tried everything!

You’re in the right place if you suffer from negativity at work, in relationships, or in your own thoughts.  

It’s time for a change!

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I Can Do It!

“I Can Do it” Conference with 20+ more Hay House authors and thousands of beautiful, supportive attendees for a life transforming weekend! 


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I help people boost their mood with the power of positivity and create a healthy relationship with their comfort zone. After people hear me speak, they feel inspired to prioritize positivity and growth through expanding their own comfort zone because my speech demonstrates how I transformed my life from rock bottom to the one I live today.

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