Positive Praise

Michell C. Clark

“The Comfort Zone is a powerful reframe and a necessary reminder that pushes us away from toxic hustle culture and towards the healthy, happy, and aligned lives that we deserve.”

Lauren Magers

Kristen has truly cracked the code by shattering the old ideology that the more you do the more successful you are. She awakens the reader to a new perspective of living, being and creating and gives them the simple step by step formula they can put into action immediately to achieve ultimate happiness and inner peace in their life.

Dr. Amy Shah

“Kristen Butler is a thought leader in the mindset space. This is an area we sorely need to work on to improve flailing mind body health and burnout.”

Elisha Covey

“Kristen’s joyful energy emanates from every page of The Comfort Zone! She has thoughtfully laid out a clear, concise, implementable road map to accomplishing your goals and dreams while honoring who you are in this present moment. Her words and tools will peacefully guide and support you while you create a life of bliss through radically reimagining and expanding your comfort zone – pure BRILLANCE! HIGHLY recommended!”

Dr. Nilesh Satguru

“Kristen’s authentic, compassionate and personal account embraces you whilst giving you the courage to act with ease. It helps you release from the status quo of the ‘complacency and survival zones’ and into the exciting powerful comfort zone. Her loving narrative creates a paradigm shift that will make you come alive. This book is packed with wisdom – read it, practice it, embody it.”

Simon Alexander Ong

“This book challenges our perception of comfort zones and demonstrates how a healthier relationship with it can help us towards living our best life.”

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