Recent Review

Rob & Arly

Kristen Butler has a way with words that just brings out the best in you.

Jamie Blunt

I love this journal!! I truly enjoy the fact that it brings so much awareness to positive energy, the power of our thoughts as well as being focused on gratitude! This journal truly embodies the power to change your perspective if you’re willing vessel!!


I love how short and sweet yet powerful this journal is. A little time to start and end your day. I swear w ithin a few days I was beginning to look at things more positively and from a different perspective. Do yourself a favor and grab one for yourself!

Roberto Fortunato

Why does each text become the perfect message for me? Please, buy this, read this, and let it touch your soul.


This author has magnificently portrayed different ways to reframe our self care thats desperately needed in everything we do. She helps us to find tune our gratitude with a positive outlook in every aspect of our lives.

Karen Smith

I look forward to her texts, they really help keep me positive and sometimes help me look at situations in a different perspective.

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